Dry to Off-Dry Red Wines

Merlot (American)
Spice & black cherry

Merlot Reserve (American)
Aged in Hungarian oak gives if flavors of spice & a dry finish

CASK 1022 (Grand River Valley)
Regional blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot & Cabernet Franc. Aged in a 540-gallon Hungarian Oak Cask. Black cherry, smoke, ripe black currant & pepper

Cabernet Franc (Grand River Valley)
Berries & light smoke in the nose with flavors of mixed berries, bell pepper & pepper with a tobacco leaf finish

Austin’s Red (American)
Light blend of Cabernet, Petit Verdot, Merlot & Pinot Noir. Flavors of berries & tart cherries

Grand Red (American)
A blend of Red Zinfandel, Shiraz & Merlot. Light smoke flavors with plum jam

Semi-Sweet to Sweet Reds

Winehound Red (Grand River Valley) 4% RS
Strong Concord grape flavors

GRC Port Dessert Wine (Grand River Valley)
Concord Port made with Ice Wine

Chocolate Concord Port Dessert Wine (Grand River Valley)

From our Private Cellar

CASK 1020 & CASK 1021 (Grand River Valley)
A continual red blend from the region which began in 2010. This blend is made of Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc & Merlot. Aged in a 540 gallon Hungarian Oak Cask. Black cherry aromas with hints of smoke. Smooth velvety texture & ripe black currant flavor with a peppery finish

2009 Cabernet Franc, 2010 Cabernet Franc, 2012 Cabernet Franc (Grand River Valley)
Black pepper & smoke in the nose with flavors of currants & black cherry. Finishes with complex flavors of smoke & spice. Typical of Hungarian Oak

2007 Red Zinfandel (American)
Dry, red wine with raspberry, clove, vanilla & black cherry in the nose with flavors of spice & berry jam


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