Grand River Valley

Located just five miles from the beautiful shores of Lake Erie in northeast Ohio, you’ll find the gently rolling hills of the Grand River Valley. The countryside is dotted with over 30 wineries and row after row of lush vineyards.

This vibrant and expanding vineyard region is responsible for over 50% of the grapes grown in the state of Ohio. Though grape stomping still takes place at the annual Grape Jamboree Festival, the fruit is highly respected in the Grand River Valley. It is no longer a place where the native Concord and Niagara grapes rule. Ohio is cultivating some of the best Pinot, Cabernet, Riesling, and Vidal in the country. It is a place where the Arts and Sciences collide as wine farmers and vintners collaborate over barrels in the cool cellars.  The local University offers degrees in Enology (the art of making wine) and Viticulture (the science of growing grapes) to prepare skilled students for the exploding grape industry. 

Guests are delighted to discover award-winning estate wines and numerous boutique wineries. Difficulty often lies in deciding where to share a glass: along the waterfront, in a century-old church, or on a sprawling patio under the stars. They find unique culinary experiences to accompany every good bottle and live music on each calendar. 

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Wine Growers of the Grand River Valley

The Wine Growers of the Grand River Valley is a group of 7 unique wineries all sharing the same goal, to educate the local wine consumer on the magnificent wines that can be produced in the cool climate growing region known as the Grand River Valley.

The sloping valleys and natural landscape of the Grand River Valley all play a major role in the agricultural success of the many grape varietals in this region.  The landscape, climate, rich soil, and innovative wine making techniques are truly what make this region appealing to all who visit.

Today the Wine Growers of the Grand River Valley continue to produce exceptional wines from over 400 acres of rolling vineyards.  These amazing wines are showcased throughout the year at many different events including the Ice Wine Trail, Cask, Corks and Forks and the Turkey Trot.

Guests who visit the wineries can be sure to enjoy an educational, palate pleasing experience with a sip of local excellence.

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